I have been a Certified Fitness Trainer and Specialist in Fitness Nutrition since 2010. I became a trainer because of the weight loss battles that I personally underwent. Through my own trials and errors I found the way to become healthy and learned how lose the weight and keep it off. 

I have learned so much about how to transform the body and turn back the clock. In 2017 I won the Overall Placing in a Physique Body Building Competition, 2018 I won the National Powerlifing Competition and went on to compete for the USA in 2019 in South Africa, bringing home a Gold and two Silver Medals.

I know that if you follow my guidelines, stay consistent with your diet and workouts and always give your highest intensity in your workouts you will see changes within the first 4 weeks.

I cannot wait to see you reach your goals!

Professional Bio

Certified Fitness Trainer

Specialist in Fitness Nutrition

Certified DNA-Based Fitness Coach

Health and Wellness Coach

USA Powerlifting Gold and Silver Medalist

Overall Physique Champion

Multiple 1st Place Figure Competitor

Overall Well Rounded Athlete